Aboob me

Hi! I’m Petra. Thanks for stopping by.

I am 32….. I know everyone have been saying with that pink pity in their eyes, “you are so young”. Anyway I am having a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction.

I have a little toddler that is just divine. I just decided after the first lumpectomy in the right breast and another lump in the left two weeks later that I am gonna act now. Unfortunately there is no chapter in the book of life that is titled: Mastectomy in Kenya and here is the doctors you will need to see. No it is more like you speak a foreign language and no one seems to know anything apart for giving the pink pity eyes.

I have a super bunch of friends here in Diani Beach and they have just been the bomb.com. They make me feel less alien and more like a mom that is making a step in the right direction. I am a very open person and that is why I chose to blog this process. I want people to see that there is a life beyond this, there is the drs here in Kenya and that we all have the choice to safe our own lives.

This is me and here is my story: